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Author: Donna Amos

The Dilemma of Disinheritance

The motives for cutting a relative out of an estate range from the most primal — hate, abandonment, regret — to the most rational. Planning what to leave behind to loved ones can be a difficult matter since, even with taxes out of the picture, it means explaining your choices and your hopes. On the ...Read More

Contemplating your own mortality or incapacitation

Contemplating your own mortality or incapacitation, as estate planning requires you to do, is off-putting under the best of circumstances. And estate planning is often put off to avoid the reality that life is not endless.  This is compounded by the seemingly constant flux of the tax code which allows the “avoiders” to put estate ...Read More

Estate Planning Tips That Prevent Family Feuds

“Family Feud” is a television show, but they often happen in real life after the passing of a loved one. I think you will find this article an interesting read, and it will likely offer a few sage comments for managing your own life and the relations with some of your family members. Estate Planning ...Read More

Remove all Doubt

Doubt is a trouble-maker for those who are left behind by your passing.  You are encouraged to reduce or eliminate the room for doubt.  I found the below article to be loaded with helpful suggestions for making things clear.  Documents you need before you die Your family members will need to know how to handle ...Read More

Where did they all go?

That may be how you feel when you are the surviving member of your family, and there is no family members to inherit your estate.   I found the below article to be a short, but helpful guide for those with no heirs 5 Estate Planning Moves For Those Without Heirs By David Sterman The whole ...Read More