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We are dedicated to protecting and serving senior citizens and those who love them. We have found that in the areas of taxation, veterans benefits, Medicare, Social Security disability, and Medicaid – there is one law for the informed and another law for the uninformed. We dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the power to be informed and to achieve all the benefits that the law guarantees.

We never want our clients to be out of money and out of options.


Continuing Care Benefits Program

Lavin Law Group is a continuing care law firm that provides benefits through legal planning and offers the following programs:

  • Independence Planning: Trust centered estate planning that preserves your home, loved ones and piece of mind.
  • Assisted Living Planning: Structuring your assets and estate plan to provide benefits that give you more choices tailored around your wants, needs and lifestyle.
  • Long-Term/Skilled Care Planning: We believe that when your health declines, your lifestyle, privacy and dignity shouldn’t.
  • Hospice Planning: We provide quick services to avoid probate and other protection to fulfill a client’s last wishes.


Estate Planning

Planning is the focus of elder law. Estate planning is not just about what happens to your assets after you pass away – effective estate planning looks at all issues, from death and disability to Medicaid, VA Benefits and nursing home care. The goal is to take steps to preserve independence for as long as possible and to appoint an advocate in case of incapacity. The attorneys and other experts at the Lavin Law Group will provide you with comprehensive options that will allow you to effectively plan your estate while you are alive and well; provide for your loved ones if you should become disabled; and give what you have to whom you want, when you want and how you want.

Wartime Veterans Aid and Attendance Program

Millions of wartime veterans and their spouses may be eligible for special monthly pension benefits solely because they are over 65 years of age and are homebound or in assisted/supportive living or a nursing home.

The maximum benefit available can provide significant help in paying for long-term care costs. Let us help you maximize that benefit.


Medicaid Crisis Planning & Assistance

We know from personal experience how devastating the emotional and psychological strain can be when a loved-one needs long- term care. We understand that there is anxiety, stress, uncertainty and guilt.

We are committed to using our experience and expertise to lessen these burdens and alleviate these fears. Our goal is to give our clients the best financial benefit, the best care benefit and the peace of mind benefit that their family deserves.

We can still do this even if you or your loved one is already in a crisis situation, having already been or about to be admitted to a nursing home. In fact, our focus is crisis Medicaid planning, so we have quick response systems in place.

Call us before completing any Medicaid application.


Hospice Planning

Hospice planning is more than just a philosophy on end-of-life, it is also a practical method for ensuring peace of mind through avoiding the painful process of probate and doing additional estate planning for a surviving spouse or family. Legal issues often arise in the context of hospice care. Decisions need to be made on matters ranging from healthcare, to financial management to how your property should pass upon death. It’s important to deal with an attorney skilled and specifically trained in helping families during this difficult time.


Special Needs Planning

Estate Planning is generational, and in many cases there is a need to assist a child or family member that has a disability and is unable to care for themselves. Many of the laws have changed in favor of assuring that those with disabilities have a quality of life, and it is no longer necessary to disinherit a child with a disability.

There are currently certain trusts that create ways for persons with disabilities to qualify to receive government benefits from needs-based programs while having access to additional funds to pay for supplemental expenses not covered by the government benefits. The third party discretionary trust, special needs trust, pooled trust, sole benefit of trust, and the qualified income trust, are the main trusts used for disability and special needs planning. The beneficiary of a properly structured special needs trust will not lose eligibility for the government benefits due to excess assets or income.

As an elder law firm we at the Lavin Law Group are experienced with these types of trusts as well as the different public benefits programs to decide which trusts work best for your situation.

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At these comfortable, relaxed events, we will tell you what you need to know about Estate Planning, Tax Minimization & Medicaid. While we can help you in a crisis, the best strategy is to plan in advance for the possibility of long-term care.