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Author: Donna Amos


A lot of folks will come to us and say, “What’s the best option with the house?” “How do I avoid probate?” “What happens if I get sick?” And I hear this more often than you would expect: “Why don’t I just give my house to my kids? I don’t ever plan on selling it. …Read More


Elder Law Attorney Chris Lavin provides some guidance for how to have difficult conversations with your parents during a medical emergency. Hello, my name is Christopher Lavin. I’m an elder law attorney with the Lavin Law Group. Elder law is a very specific nature. We deal with the state planning everything from wills, trust, taxes, …Read More

inheritance and medicaid


A lot of folks, even later in life, will receive an inheritance from a lost uncle, a grandparent, another family member. We see that more than you would think, and unfortunately, some of those folks are in need of long-term care or are in a nursing home. If you receive an inheritance, and you’re in …Read More

elder care planning

What 3 Documents Do You Need for Elder Care Planning

Many clients will come to us with the power of attorneys and they think the power of attorney is one document. It’s the most important document because it deals with healthcare, but it’s not the only necessary document. What we must have now is three separate documents, a durable power of attorney for healthcare, which …Read More

6 Reasons to Update Beneficiary Designations

Content updated 2/22/24 If you've gone through a divorce or remarriage, it's important to be aware of how your beneficiary designations may be affected. Regulations vary by state; some automatically remove former spouses as beneficiaries while others do not. Consulting with an estate-planning attorney can clarify the laws applicable in your state. When you switch ...Read More

The Gift of Education

In the National Law Review, Terri Stallard, a Kentucky estate planning attorney talks about ways grandparents can give to their grandchildren. Many grandparents want to enrich the lives of their grandkids, but are not sure the best way to accomplish this with their estate plan. I encourage clients to consider helping their grandchildren with the ...Read More

Planning can help prevent estate tax issues

Many families, planning for a transfer of wealth is something they may think about, but never take the time to act upon. Unfortunately, this failure to establish a proper estate plan can significantly affect a family's long term financial stability and can lead to the payment of substantial estate taxes. Although this can be difficult ...Read More

“What do you mean I don’t get it all? We were married”.

Spouses are often shocked when they realize they aren't entitled to the entire estate just because they are married. People mistakenly think that because they are married, they receive the entire estate when a spouse passes away. Unfortunately, a spouse can find themselves having to share a deceased spouse's estate in unanticipated ways.First, it is ...Read More