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Author: Donna Amos

The Gift of Education

In the National Law Review, Terri Stallard, a Kentucky estate planning attorney talks about ways grandparents can give to their grandchildren. Many grandparents want to enrich the lives of their grandkids, but are not sure the best way to accomplish this with their estate plan. I encourage clients to consider helping their grandchildren with the ...Read More

Planning can help prevent estate tax issues

Many families, planning for a transfer of wealth is something they may think about, but never take the time to act upon. Unfortunately, this failure to establish a proper estate plan can significantly affect a family's long term financial stability and can lead to the payment of substantial estate taxes. Although this can be difficult ...Read More

“What do you mean I don’t get it all? We were married”.

Spouses are often shocked when they realize they aren't entitled to the entire estate just because they are married. People mistakenly think that because they are married, they receive the entire estate when a spouse passes away. Unfortunately, a spouse can find themselves having to share a deceased spouse's estate in unanticipated ways.First, it is ...Read More

Talking To Your Parents About Estate Planning

There are many ways to broach "the talk" with your aging parents about estate planning and the sooner you start the better, for all concerned. A recent article in Huffington Post’s Business Canada suggests that getting a plan together when your parents are still in good health will prevent any stress or confusion that could ...Read More

Should you give your kids their inheritance before you die?

LearnVest’s Libby Kane explains that while the word "inheritance" typically conjures up images of a will being read after a loved one's passing, many people don't want to wait that long to give money to their children. A recent study from U.S. Trust shows that the majority of wealthy individuals feel it's important to leave an ...Read More

Basic Estate Planning

Robert D. Schwartz, an estate planning attorney in Florida outlined some essential documents in any estate plan in a recent article for TCPalm. Last Will and Testament - the most basic estate planning document.  A will is a legal document which allows you to direct exactly where your assets are to be distributed when you ...Read More

Do I need a trust?

Julie Landry Laviolette in the Miami Herald tackles the age old question: “Do I need a trust? ”It’s not only heiresses and socialites who can benefit from a trust. Used in the right circumstances, a trust can be a helpful estate planning tool to pass assets to your children, take care of your affairs if ...Read More

Estate Planning Made Easy: Establishing Trust Bank Accounts

Huffington Post’s guest blogger, Diane Morais of Ally Bank addresses the question “How can I ensure the financial security of my family after I'm gone?" It's an important question that we all wrestle with -- and one that has fueled an expansive network for estate planning products and services to address this important concern. If ...Read More

Learning from the mistakes of others

In the arena of estate planning, there’s a lot to be learned from the mistakes of others. Tim Cestnick, author of several tax and personal finance books, offers some examples. 1. Don’t die intestate. Dying without a will is called dying intestate. When Jimi Hendrix died at age 27, he didn’t have a will. Despite ...Read More