We’re an elder law firm that helps folks through traditional planning, but also crisis planning. And crisis planning is long-term care planning, and that can include a Medicaid application. Medicaid is necessary because it helps cover that cost. And the cost of long-term care here in Ohio is 10 to 14,000 a month. So Medicaid has a need. Now, you do not have to spend all the assets down to qualify for Medicaid, but it is a process. When we apply with the state, it takes time. Everything’s retroactive to the date of application, and it can take multiple months. I’ve had it as long as six or seven months. I’d say the average is three months. And that’s nerve-racking and frustrating. But again, once you’re approved for Medicaid, all payments are retro to the date of application.

So we do have to make sure everybody’s patient with the process. Everybody looks at the application process, they know the five years. Five years is not a punishment period, it’s just called the look back. So the reason the application takes so long is it gives the state the right to look back for five years and ask any question they want. Where’s the house, car, money? Whether they have a responsibility? And it can be a very detailed audit, and it doesn’t matter if you do the best planning in the world or absolutely no planning before you apply. Everybody’s put through that five-year audit, that look back. That’s why the application, again, takes some time. So we have to be on equal footing, know the rules just as well as Ohio. But if you do, it can be a smooth process.