Celebrity Estate Planning goes awry Pt. 6

Whether famous or just regular folks, we are reminded by the following anecdote that a few extra steps in your estate planning will deliver on your intentions. Florence “FloJo” Griffith Joyner

This Olympic sprinter wrote a will (which was a good estate planning act), but she never told anyone where it was.  The result left her husband was unable to file the will within 30 days after her death — as required by her state’s law. As a result, both FloJo’s husband and her mother went to court over disputes, and administration of the estate was eventually turned over to a third party.

Basic Lesson to be learned here: Keep copies of your will someplace secure like a safe deposit box, your attorney’s office, or with a reliable third part.  And then be sure to let your family members know where it is and how to access it.

Call me, and we can draft a will and make arrangements for its safe storage.