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Long Term Care Crisis Planning

Elder law is helping folks with long-term care, traditional planning, but what we call crisis planning as well. And crisis planning is what we deem nursing home planning. Now, I’m not picking onto nursing homes, but that seems to be where folks characterize it. But I want to stress that long-term care planning is available at home and assisted living as well.

So we’re spoiled here in Ohio because we do have a Passport Waiver program, which can provide for up to 20 to 30, maybe 40 hours a week for long-term care in your home. We have an Assisted Living Waiver program, which helps cover the cost of assisted living through Medicaid, and then we have the good old-fashioned skilled or nursing home long-term care Medicaid system. So if the idea is to keep the loved one at home, Medicaid can be available. Generally have to do some planning to get it, but it’s an option.